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  • Manage your calendar digitally.
  • Find specialists all over the country.

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Find a Specialist quickly

Med Diary gives you access to specialist all over South Africa. This will make you more productive by allowing you to refer patients as soon as possible.


Patient Driven Experience

By utilizing email for communication, your patients will always be up to date with regards to their appointments.


Schedule Appointments

Because we integrate Specialists from all the provinces, you will be able to book appointments directly from the system without having to pick up a telephone.

What is Med Diary?
Meddiary is a world's first digital realtime diary that make it possible for healthcare industry to connect and book each other from anywhere in south africa. Founded by a medical specialist who had worked in both public and private primary and tertiary healthcare systems in South Africa.

Our Vision
To be able to connect healthcare practitioners in their different expertise and specialities to their patients in realtime in order to effeciently and speedily get communities to access healthcare from all corners of the world.

Our Mission
To be a leader in digital healthcare connection and networking across the globe.